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  1. Professional development. Life-long learning is a must for a professional translator/interpreter. The Ukrainian Association of Translators and Interpreters offers discounts for training courses, seminars, and webinars.
  2. Being represented in the professional community. The Association aims to establish relations of partnership with international organizations, businesses, state authorities, universities, and the general public by representing the interests of the Association’s members and contributing to the recognition of our profession by all groups in society. We offer a logo of our Association that you can display on your website and other materials to strengthen your professional standing.
  3. Advice. Here, you can expect support from consultants on various issues translators and interpreters face.
  4. A platform for engaging with colleagues actively. You can exchange information and experience with your colleagues during meetings, seminars, conferences, and forums hosted by the Association and various online meetings.
  5. Support for projects. The Association supports projects and events organized and hosted by its members by disseminating information and publishing their materials on its website.
  6. A platform for your publications. The Association’s members are welcome to publish their articles, announcements of events they organize, press releases, and links to videos on our website.
  7. Engaging with students. We support students who would like to enter the profession of translator/interpreter. We offer them an opportunity to take part in many Association-hosted events for free, get advice from experienced translators and interpreters, and obtain information about volunteering and other translation projects to get practical experience before graduating from the university.
  8. Database. We offer an opportunity to enter your name and details into the UATI’s database and issue a Letter of Confirmation of the UATI Membership on request.
  9. International Community. The Ukrainian Association of Translators and Interpreters is an international organization of Ukrainian translators and interpreters from various countries of the world. It is an opportunity to get international experience when communicating, organizing joint projects, and attaining a high professional level together.
  10. Legal and accounting support. Our partners – a law firm and an accounting firm – are willing to answer your questions and help draw up contracts, settle conflicts, and keep accounts.

Forms of Membership in the Ukrainian Association of Translators and Interpreters
– the full membership is suitable for candidates who have 2 years of professional translation/interpreting experience and formal qualification as a translator/interpreter or 4 years of professional translation/interpreting experience (without formal qualification as a translator/interpreter);
– the associate membership is intended for people interested in translation, studying translation/interpreting, or translating/interpreting from time to time for pleasure.

Annual membership fee:
– UAH 700 for full members;
– UAH 250 for associate members.

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You can find information about our founders and Executive Board members, the rights and duties of members of the Ukrainian Association of Translators and Interpreters, our goals, and the full text of the Articles of Association on our website at

Translators and interpreters in Ukraine have been discussing the need for an active organization to bring together translation professionals and students of translation, so we invite everyone to join the Ukrainian Associations of Translators and Interpreters! We have founded the Association with a firm intent to make it authoritative, influential, and durable – one that we all can be proud of.

Our core goal is to support and protect Association members in many professional matters, enhance the prestige of our profession, raise awareness of it among the general public, contribute to the professional development of translators and interpreters, and offer a platform for the exchange of experience and information, and engage in international cooperation with translator/interpreter and other organizations from different countries of the world.

We are supported by the International Federation of Translators (FIT — Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs / International Federation of Translators). The UATI’s first step internationally will be the collective FIT membership for all its full members. It will offer new professional development opportunities for all of us.

We call everyone to join the Association, where the General Meeting of UATI Members is the highest managing body and solves all the key issues. We also aim to cooperate with interested professionals in all sectors from all regions of Ukraine and the whole world.

Founders of the NGO Ukrainian Association of Translators and Interpreters
Natalia Pavliuk
Ivan Deineko
Oleksandr Ivanov